My name is London Bambi and I've been reading Tarot privately for clients for a few years. In today's societal climate I believe it's important for us all to connect with our higher selves. Recently I open my tarot business to the public in efforts to help those whom would like to get to know themselves and the world around them better. Tarot cards are great for this because although they are just ink on cardboard, the archetype images painted on the the cards helps one to connect to their conscious, Being the energetic vehicle that's bringing the subconscious into the know.

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Essentially you said that I'm on a successful path (my relationship and business).   My  business success will bring abundance, however this "friendship" with this person is a distraction and could bring emotional stress.  I'm paraphrasing, but basically your advice was to not let this situation block what's already in progress.

That reading really resonated with me and confirmed what I'd already felt.  The month or so following I had one-two other strong signs that the situation was no longer serving me.   I pulled back and eventually ceased interaction altogether.   No judgement, no negativity, just moved on and enjoyed the space it created within.

Early last week I had an Akashic Records reading with a woman in Peru.  I get different readings from her about once a year.   At one point, she said there is a strong masculine energy that's attached to me.  I was like wow, that person is no longer present and I've cut that energy off completely. She said that he's still present and he is draining energy from your business (Lady Eloise). 😳😳  I was instructed to take it to the water and release it.   Let me tell you, the next day I took my ass to DUMBO and did this ceremony, even while physically sick.  So now each time I cross the bridge, I think of the water absorbing the lingering energy. 

I'm happily liberated now.  Thank you for your part in that.  🔮😊